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Posted without-prejudice on behalf of the NASUWT - The Teachers' Union

The NASUWT is concerned that large amounts of money intended for the education of children is instead being spent instead on expensive off-island agency supply teachers to cover both absence and vacancies. The Union would assert that there is a teacher recruitment and retention crisis on the Isle of Man which is needs to be addressed through a comprehensive review of pay and conditions to ensure that the package offered by the Isle of Man is competitive and addresses recruitment and retention issues. An investment in the workforce could easily result in significant savings if the requirement to source supply teachers off-island was addressed.

Additionally the NASUWT would suggest that an island-wide Health and Safety committee is established within the DEC involving the department and relevant unions. One of the functions of this committee would be to monitor absence and accident rates within the DEC and to ensure there are appropriate strategies in place to reduce work-related ill health and accidents, and ensure teachers and support staff receive the support the need to maximise attendance. The establishment of such a body would not cost anything but could result in significant savings.

Why the contribution is important

The NASUWT asserts that education is vital to the Isle of Man's future prosperity, and the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality its teachers. Ensuring competitive terms and conditions will ensure the Isle of Man is able to recruit the best teachers and will save the large sums currently being paid to off-island supply teachers.

Likewise, by ensuring the Health and Safety and Welfare of DEC employees, this will ensure that teachers and support staff have safe and healthy workplaces which will reduce the amount of work-related sickness absence, reducing costs but more importantly improving educational standards.

by Wbates on May 14, 2017 at 06:23PM

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