Out of town carparks, at least in Douglas

Douglas has insufficient car parking space, and ai is getting ever more polluted, so we should be discouraging driving. Out of town carparks with a frequent shuttle bus service particularly covering commuting periods would help. To aid that, increase car parking charges in town substantially for longer term than 2-3 hours (so as not to adversely affect shopping), and ensure all people pay with no civil servant or Tynwald exemptions: provide pool cars for essential journey use by those people. To be fair, parking charges in other towns might need to be reviewed.

To a lesser extent out of town carparks could be used to encourage cycling for people living too far to cycle all the way to work, e.g. with communal cycles provided at nominal cost for anyone to use, use of bike cheaper than the shuttle bus. (low cost subject to registering ID and registering the bike's return within 24 hours). Or with secure storage facilities for people's own bikes though that might not be feasible.

Why the contribution is important

Improve parking for non-commuter use in town, reduce congestion, reduce pollution. Possible increased income because there will always be those who will want to drive regardless, but it is not possible to gauge that.

by Manxcat on April 11, 2017 at 01:11PM

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