"No Sacred Cows" - Truth or Spin?

The Chief Minister has said that there are to be no "sacred cows" when it comes to fixing the financial situation.

Is that really the truth? 

  • The LegCo
  • Local government consolidation
  • Privatisation of the airport
  • Paying for the Liverpool Landing Stage
  • Means testing benefits 
  • Public service retirement age to match State Pension age
  • The MEA debt
  • Replacibg the Tynwald Members Pension Scheme with a cash schene for all members
  • Farming subsidies
  • Rationalisation of the Cabinet Office
  • End Lieutenant Governor role
  • Means testing public housing
  • End First Home Buyers scheme
  • Invite public work contract tenders from offshore
  • Sell Ramsey Post Office
  • Open tender for ferry services


Why the contribution is important

If the Chief Minister really means what he said there should be absolutely no difficulty in making much more than £25 million pa in savings. But did he really mean it? Or was it just for public consumption?

by dpfellows on May 12, 2017 at 09:50AM

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