No Passport Checks At Sea Terminal

Unless passport checking is expensively and extensively linked electronically to the UK and EU Crime and Terrorism Data Bases and unless extra staff are employed to check every car outbound and inbound this is not a security check. Probably also facial recognition software would be needed as any real criminal or terrorist is not going to be travelling on genuine passports anyway. Don't waste money on pretend systems.

If UK Border Security want to implement a proper control system either ask them to do that at ports of entry to the UK or to pay for systems and staffing here.

The suggestion about using ANPR at the sea terminal for inbound vehicles makes sense provided it is linked to a data base.



Why the contribution is important

Saving wasted use of taxpayer money.

Nothing worse than taxpayers being asked to pay for a non-effective system. Either pay for a proper one and manage the delays etc.. or carry on as we are.

by dpfellows on April 07, 2017 at 09:18AM

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