They have previously gone to New Zealand and other exotic trips, for very uneconomical reasons.

They get paid enough to fund those trips themelves. unless it is essential  that it must take place,  & can be justified, and proven to be the case.

They need to tighten their belts, as well as the rest of us.



Why the contribution is important

It is very important because  these trips must  cost tens of thousands in expenses, of unnecessary money

squandered, while we CANNOT afford to spend it.(any longer.)

So obvious, but common sense doesn't appear common any more in Manx Government?

Or maybe it's just too painful for them to forego these perks,  for the greater common good of our Island?

I feel a godless place this society will be, if all our noble principles & ethical behaviour are devalued:  In the name of  the gratuitous, grubby self-interest, of our  local politicians!!


by bindyk on April 06, 2017 at 05:23PM

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