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I like many on the island carry a Gtn spray with me always. However following treatment they are now a precaution should one have a further heart attack. For the past 5 years it remains in my pocket.

There are two types, the manual pump spray and the aerosol

The declared lifs of the aerosol is about 1 yearless than the pump, and I was once dispensed one with just 6 months of its life left.

The manual spray has a longer life and the remaining life on those dispensed I have found to be about 18 moths to 2 years. This reduces the cost.

This can be halved again. I am always given the 200 dose spray but when I was prescribed one by the hospital it was only half this size and I assume less costly, especially as it will most likely (thank goodness) spend its life in my pocket

Why the contribution is important

There must be thousands of people carrying these who will only use them in emargency. Current the majority dispensed will be returned unused, and therefore the smaller, longer life dispenser can only offer a saving.

by ericwilson on May 14, 2017 at 07:52PM

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