Needs assessment to inform Service provision and Prioritisation

My idea involves having robust Needs Assessment/ Assessment of Needs to inform service provision as and prioritization.  

Needs assessment in health care should involve statistics or rather descriptive data on the service usage over the last 6 months to 12 months for example. This will inform a close to accurate procurement of perishables, staffing, and services etc. This should then be followed by some qualitative surveys from a range of groups which may include service providers and most importantly service users. This will help to streamline services provision to a bespoke level. The best advice on how to run services is usually not from the top but from those who utilizes or work the environment day in and day out.

Needs assessment for other department should involve looking at a similar parallel and should provide quality data.  

Why the contribution is important

As a newish member of staff, I can’t for once estimate if there is wastage at all. For this reason, I advocate a robust needs assessment to actually congratulate our services where they are performing beyond expectation while streamlining and refocusing areas of future development.

A good needs assessment is different from a vision, intuition or a management decision.

A good needs assessment should inform planning and planning to move towards implementation with monitoring of initiatives imbedded in the program.

There is no need to commission this to an external provider. Monitoring could be done interdepartmental on a regular interval with planned external monitoring for independent outlook so as to limit bias.   

by raymondndengeya on May 04, 2017 at 04:15PM

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