My ideas

They have got to look at those on long term benefits! There are the minority that know how to play the system. Sell off unused Government Buildings. No more "company cars" for example the fire staff i.e. chief fire officer, no free car parking for staff.  Also I do think if people are coming from other countries to live here they should pay for healthcare for a certain period of time. I have to pay privately in their countries for health treatment same should be for them maybe when they have contributed for say so many years to NI then they can claim on NHS.  My in laws live in Thailand 5 months of the year. They have to pay for all health care there.

Also go paperless in as many ways as possible. Not only will it save the trees but also a lot of money. 



Why the contribution is important

Because they all save money. 

by Johobson on April 06, 2017 at 11:28AM

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