MHKs Pension

MHKs get 2 years pension for every 1 year worked. Reduce this to 1 years pension for every 1 year worked.

Why the contribution is important

The rest of the public sector gets 1 years pension for 1 year worked.

It's about time MHKs lived in the same real world as the rest of the public sector. Time to set an example.

by Yukiyama on May 06, 2017 at 03:44PM

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  • Posted by dpfellows May 08, 2017 at 16:44

    The alternative is to charge MHKs a realistic commercial contribution rate for the benefits received. Currently the rate is between 1/4 and 1/3rd of that rate. This SAVE recommendation is unlikely to be included in any review, let alone implementation programme.
  • Posted by Hopsandmalt May 08, 2017 at 22:00

    Aren't the MHKs worth their weight in gold ?
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