Merge DEFA into DED and create an Economic Development Agency

Merge DEFA into DED to create an Economic Development Agency. This would produce a saving with scrapping of DEFA CEO role with Directors reporting direct to Economic Development Agency CEO. 

Regulatory functions in DEFA could be transferred to a regulatory board / agency eg Planning, Building Control, Health & Safety, OFT, Environmental Health. This could have political oversight from a MHK with regraded Managing Director (lower grade than existing CEO).

DEFA land should be managed with rest of Government owned land by trasnferring DEFA Land and Ammenity to DOI Estates.

Stop doing some of DEFA functions - ie trying to micro manage meat plant

Why the contribution is important

better synergies to support economy

remove conflicts between existing DEFA roles and regulatory roles

better synergy in managing government owned land and property

more felxibility, freedoms and devolution to Director role with abolition of CEO managment level in DEFA.

salary saving in loss of CEO and Minister


by Sandalwood on April 19, 2017 at 04:56PM

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