Manx ID Cards & Oracle

The island had a finite amount of resources and minimal safeguards against fraud.

It is my recommendation that the island introduces an ID card policy much the same as how National Insurance numbers are issued at age 16.  

The ID card would be basic in design having Name, DoB and National Insurance number displayed on them.  Aswell as a photo which is updated each 10yrs.

The cards however contain electronic information with more detail such as home address, benefit entitlement and any other information particular to the holder that is of use in their tax affairs.

The IOM Govt then develops an 'Oracle' IT system which manages all the card holders information and updates it as required.  

These processes have the following benefits:

1. Increased security by using these cards for ID purposes in routine civil/police matters and port security for travelers.

2. Allows the card holders to verify their identity quickly when dealing with any government departments.

3. Allows the holders to update their own personal information at government office and/or post office terminals.  This streamlines office administration and keeps records updated without delay or paper wastage & storage.

4. Reduces cases of benefit fraud as claimants are identifiable immediately and have up to date records syncronised with government departments.  Claimants can also update their contact details and address as required the same day these things change.  So no more delay in correspondance.

5. Allows government to reduce office space and go paperless for the majority of record keeping.  Also reduces record storage space & cost.

There are many other beefits to a streamlined electronic system like this and ID cards are an efficient useful tool to both government and the islands residents in managing their relationship.

Why the contribution is important

This is the way the future is going.  Office spaces getting smaller with less staff required as databases and registries combine to form one overarching 'Oracle'. 

The best way to manage those persons data within the Oracle is giving them the means to update their info themselves.  This is achieved through the ID/swipe cards.  

To put this idea off is to delay the inevitable and keep paying more in the mean time.

by Citycure on April 26, 2017 at 08:02PM

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