Making Overseas Aid Something We Are All Proud Of

I am very much in favour of overseas aid but am not at all convinced that the way it is being handled or that the newly announced, very bureaucratic application system, is the right way to go. Nor do I see any evidence that the population is at all supportive or involved in the system as it operates now.

  1. If you did a simple survey to ask the public which projects are being supported I believe that the vast majority would have no idea at all as to what their money is supporting or the benefits it is bringing,
  2. A very large number of people, judging by comments in social media, do not support overseas aid and are totally detached  from it - even angered by it, this is a huge failure of those promoting overseas aid,
  3. The £2.4 million being spent seems to be spread thinly across various individual's promoted  projects and I wonder how effective it is as the total budget is not actually very large,
  4. There seems to be next to no feedback as to how beneficial most projects have proved to be, again a huge failure by those running overseas aid.

I would like to suggest that rather than the scatter-gun approach to overseas aid we adopt a strictly focused approach by linking the IOM to one only significant activity - ideally with an Island nation as that is something we share in common (for example there are many small and poor Island nations now being threatened by climate change and rising ocean levels.

If we were to focus on one aid project not only could we do something meaningful but also we could motivate the community on the IOM to support what is being achieved and to get involved in voluntary activity to support that project.

A fundamental management issue is that people are motivated by seeing success and by knowing what is going on. Our current approach to Overseas Aid simply does not do that. We should not blame the cynics but look at what we are doing to engage the community and to get really significant outcomes.


Why the contribution is important

​I would not change the budget but support one major project.

This would presumably have some cost savings by removing the proposed bureaucratic, 16 factor, application system which will be spread across a whole range of applications if nothing changes. 

We will get much better community of support if people know the money spent is producing effective rsults rather than the current near lack of communication (just announcements that £xxx is being spent)

by dpfellows on April 08, 2017 at 01:40PM

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  • Posted by ninjadispenser April 08, 2017 at 14:09

    Although we pride ourselves in being a very generous Island,I think we still consider ourselves to be a Rich Island as well,which all evidence is to the contrary or we would not be conducting this's age money' excercise would we? However,the idea of supporting another Island nation that is much poorer is a good one and connects more into our 'psyche',making it more personal.I, for one, would like to know where my contribution has gone and not just read that nearly a million pounds has gone in 'overseas aid' withou a syllable said about where or on what.
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