Drug offences are a very major problem in IoM.  Offending has tremendous consequences for user's families, society as a whole and the system of justice. Drug offending also spills over into the committing of other crimes. An innovative and novel approach is needed to deter re-offending by offenders; to place them in a temporary location of no ongoing temptation and to use that time to try to re-educate their outlook upon life and to appreciate their potential for making a useful contribution to society.

IoM Gov't has an Overseas Aid budget.
Drug Offenders need an innovative programme to help them which puts them out of temptation, shows them how others can live good solid lives in far less well-off circumstances and enables them to contribute to others at the same time.

Rather than being locked up in prison, Drug offenders should be sentenced to time as Work Contributors to a programme of IoM Overseas Aid. Their individual skills would be used in building, drainage, water supply etc., projects in order to give them a new focus on life that may influence their future attitudes and behaviour.

Why the contribution is important

Drug Offending is impacting everyone and is corrosive in society. Present responses are failing to reduce the problem. This is a new innovative approach which could reap multiple benefits for the Offender and impoverished overseas citizens.   It can be implemented by using funds out of two existing IoM Budgets............The Prison Budget   &   The Overseas Aid Budget.


by ola on May 13, 2017 at 07:02PM

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