Land and Property government owned/controlled?

Survey all estate agents with the Department of Infrastructure itemising all land and property that is for sale and not selling and why - become broader minded if restrictions have been put in place but are now outdated, not necessary 

Glen Helen - there are two properties at the entrance seemingly for sale/not in use for a while - who owns them and why are they not sold sitting at a key tourist /visitors site and the need for a restaurant/drinks venue is surely a must

Glen Maye - The Waterfall Inn why isnt it sold or in use?

Land on the Douglas promenade (Sea Terminal end next to Regent Street) on a key strategic position visible immediately by visitors - perhaps a park or something similar with seating to be used by us who live here ...needs to be built on as soon as possible 

Summerland - needs to be revitalised and sold to enhance the promenade

Castle Mona - why is it not renovated ...made to look good 

Castletown hotel by the golf course is just a major eyesore and needs attention asap



Why the contribution is important

Land and property will generate money - tourism is important to the island and what is offered encourages visitors

The inhabitants of the island shouldn't have to live with such eyesores - especially as our island is not huge and visibiity of these will be seen by us many many times.  As residents we also need to see places that are attractive in addition to tourists.

Empty space and buildings are not generating very much return if any.

What can residents do to help?  Things need to be acted upon swiftly - action is needed now.

by ChristineL on April 13, 2017 at 06:02PM

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