Introduce a set budget for each department for stationery

Introduce a set budget for each department/division for stationery ordering for the year.

Departments have little or no restraints about how much stationery they order and thousands (across all departments) must be wasted each year. I work for a division where there is a stationery cupboard full of unwanted items and this cupboard seems to grow and grow. 

I feel individuals are allowed to order stationery at the drop of hat and no-one monitors what is being ordered throughout the year.

A set budget will mean controls will have to be put in to place and spending will then be monitored.

Why the contribution is important

To stop over ordering and over spending on unnecessary items.

There is not an endless pot and I feel a set amount for stationery would assist in stopping this ridiculous spending.

by Bubbles8219 on April 24, 2017 at 01:52PM

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