Increase Working Population

We need to introduce a Minimum of what a working Individual can take home after a full time working week. 

Get everyone out working, and for the people on low income, provide a top up benefit. 

Work or Benefits should not be a choice, we need to work to get the benefits. 

We shouldn't just give people money to pay Rents, Rates, Gas, Electricity, Food, Clothes etc because it's better to claim than work. 

We need to change that mentality to get people to understand it's better for their overall wellbeing to be in the workplace. 

Unfortunately the Gov at present are penalizing families who work on a low income and are just managing to keep their heads above water. 

No benefit payment unless you work for all people who are capable. 

For instance if a family are being supported at the minute and receiving £1,300 in benefits, and then they get a job earning £, 1,399 it would be unwise to comletely withdraw all benefits, therefore removing any incentive. 

Instead as an example, Reduce benefit but make up pay to say £1,700. 

Why the contribution is important

This would benefit everyone, the Family because they now feel better in being self supported, health will improve, family lifestyle and views will improve, Children will learn that working is important and everyone must contribute. The Island benefits from an increased working population. 

by GAC on April 08, 2017 at 09:08AM

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