Income Generation - Wind Farms, Oil and Gas

Erect wind farms offshore and at windy corner etc to generate cheap power for residents and help save the planet with clean energy. Take advantage of our geopraphical position and export power to adjacent Islands. Monitor advances in technology and inn particular sea turbines.

Explore oil and gas reserves before they are stolen with big endy pipes.


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by GavinIOMGov on May 12, 2017 at 01:09PM

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  • Posted by dpfellows May 12, 2017 at 15:48

    This will work as long as the energy can be exported. We still have to pay for the MEA mis-spending through use of existing power generation.
  • Posted by Fairforall May 13, 2017 at 14:02

    In my humble opinion ​the Island should never permit an offshore wind farm in our waters.
    If you read articles in the Science Daily magazine you may realise that the world of technology is advancing at an almost frightening rate it is going to revolutionise practically everything that we have come to accept today. This includes many aspects of power generation and almost certainly the ability to store that power. Without doubt Lithium will play a big part in the storage of the power created. Hence my suggestion "white diesel/lithium" to re-access the possibilities of the high grade brine deposits at the Point of Ayre.
    There are many power generation projects being developed from fuel cells to direct power from the sun that still generate electricity through cloud. A coating on every pane of glass could become a source of power along with other sources currently being developed as well as other sources not even thought of yet.
    So please no offshore wind farms to destroy our beautiful Island vistas.

    The Mining, ore refinement, smelting, the fabrication, the installation, the maintenance, the renewal, and ultimately the removal of offshore wind farms all create pollution
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