Handling Criminal Activity

I would suggest that the government could save a considerable amount of money if a review was made of the way that criminal activity was handled.  Anyone, regardless of age, status etc. should have to take full responsibility for their actions and pay for the full costs of rectifying their actions. Examples:

Vandals damaging property causing distress, a need to rectify the damage and the cost, which can run into hundreds of pounds.  The owner of the property may be insured but overall it is not the criminal that suffers as the more claims that are made the higher insurance premiums we pay.  In the media there are reports of young children behaving in an anti-social way which is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately.

The violence that takes place on the island results in residents feeling insecure and not wishing to visit certain areas, which should not be the case.

Costs and penalties, in addition to those already in place, should be met by criminals and should not be borne by the government and ultimately tax payers.  The emergency services on the island do a great job and money saved should contribute towards those services including:

Time and costs by the emergency services from the point of their involvement, including:

-          investigations required and carried out by the services

-          costs relating to admin for recording and follow up

-          medical attention for themselves or their victims

In the case of criminal damage the criminal should pay for the full costs of repair and also for rectifying any damage.  If an insurance company has paid out for a claim made by the victim, the funds when received by the criminal should be paid back to the insurance company.

If an individual has not paid the relevant road tax, insurance etc. the penalty should be made at a level which is a deterrent, for example five times the actual cost of the insurance, tax.

By making criminals be responsible for their actions, it may be that crime would be reduced because criminals may consider the results for their actions further.

Other fund raising ideas could include:

·         licensing cats which is long overdue

·         cyclists to pay road tax and insurance

·         cancel the least profitable bus services or use mini cab sized buses instead

.         reduce or better still remove oversized/overweight HGV’s to preserve road surfaces.


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