Government Vehicles to be Electric or Hybrid

Consideration should be given to all new vehicles to be Electric or Hybrid in future and departments should have to trade in two vehicles when it comes to having a new one.

This would concentrate the minds of managers into thinking “do they really need new vehicles” and can staff manage sharing pool assets. Government can set up short term lease for occasional use.

Electric car ownership would show an example to the public in their use on Manx roads. The government would have to increase the EV infrastructure to accommodate the increased EV use a facility that can be shared by the public or other industries. The cost of initial purchase of these vehicles is higher than conventional but it enjoys much reduced running costs and servicing requirements. Costs will also be felt from the reduced quantity of vehicles the government will own.

There is a revenue stream for the MUA to provide electricity which stays within the island not being spent on dirty fuels off island.

Pollution and congestion is reduced which improves wellbeing and productivity. Our targets for emissions are being worked towards as well as the biodiversity regulations we have agreed to.

Reliability of these vehicles in improving all the time and battery life is out living initial estimations.

Electric vehicles will become automatous in the near future. Some parts of the world already have useable examples of fully automatous vehicles. How about allowing google to test its vehicles here.




Why the contribution is important

Government showing an example

Working towards biodiversity promises

Working towards emissions targets

Revenue streams stay on island and within government

Being in the front of the queue for autonomous vehicle testing



by xt512 on April 19, 2017 at 04:23AM

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