Government employee email, time lost v benefit

Every day I sit at work and get at least one email daily (last week 5 in a day) where another employee has sent an all user email for... A charity request / a do not use to much milk / looking for some one to deliver a letter etc. 

Although I appreciate and support charity's and like to know someone's retired or had a birthday it is interesting to work out that each email, to open, read, delete is upwards of 30-60 seconds worth of work. 

I get that 30-60 seconds doesn't sound a lot if you times that by the number of government employees I think you will find the benefit of saving a price of the stamp isn't cost effective for an all user email. 

Perhaps it would be an idea to have a weekly email, all persons with a message such as a retirement etc could be emailed to a central person for a single email or could be posted on the governments Internet site so people could look if they wanted to not feeling obliged to read each email that comes in. 

Pits also worth remembering that 30-60 seconds of reading an unnecessary email is also 30-60 seconds of lost work time, over the year thus all adds up to a huge loss. 


Why the contribution is important

Reduce employee stress by reducing lost time, also see above.

by Poppy on May 10, 2017 at 09:45PM

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