Government Capability process

Stop the protracted, drawn out Capability that Government use.  You can either do a job or you can't.  It is too open to abuse.  Many civil servants go off sick on full sick pay for 6 solid months, then revert to 3 months on half pay going back part-time.  What does this cost?  Capability?  They don't have this in any other job.  Support staff yes with training but don't draw it out whilst the taxpayer pays for them to sit at home milking it.

Why the contribution is important

What are the costs?  How many put on capabilities?  How long do these capabiliies last?   It's nonesense, it shouldn't take that long.  Somebody is paying - the taxpayer.  Should be a lot simpler to sack.

by Shale on April 26, 2017 at 06:18AM

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