Foreign Aid / Pay cuts / Employment

Reduce the amount of money being given to foreign aid it's not needed at all. Also pay cuts to those who earn too much and don't do anything e.g. ministers and the rest of the fat cats that just want to line their pockets with 70k a year there is no need for that amount of money to be paid to someone for screwing the island over. Look at bringing in more companies who aren't in the financial sector or e-gaming industries, we have a great engineering sector over here these businesses could bring in millions a year and help the economy out.

Why the contribution is important

My ideas are important because they will save money, you have no idea how hard it is living on this island when all of you are paid 40k plus a year. You spend money on unecesarry crap that we don't need I've seen it before and there is no point whatsoever, .maybe if you plan the islands finances a bit better you wouldn't be in this mess.

by LeeQ89 on May 14, 2017 at 12:23PM

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