first aid kits

Our first aid kits are small boxes lunch box sized that are secured to the wall every office and space within government has one.

If the box is used and the seal is tampered with the box is replaced on the next inspection. This is crazy the kit may have had the plaster used surly just replace the plasters.

Suggest the boxes and contents are recycled, repacked and used again. Do we really need to time expire bandages and dressings?

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Total waste of money I can't see a private firm suffering this practice

by xt512 on May 07, 2017 at 05:22AM

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  • Posted by MrBill May 08, 2017 at 22:32

    Health and Safety at it's very best!

    Lots of red tape and forms to fill out if you use a plaster, time our Government got real and deal with the more important issues and stop micro managing in the silly little things like this.

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