Ferry Tendering - "Island Stopover"

As part of the tendering process that was announced for the future operation of the ferry service include a requirement that a successful tenderer must include an "Island Stopover" option for tourists.

The "stopover" would provide a discounted round trip fare option for passengers travelling between UK and Ireland and vice versa allowing them to add an IOM leg onto the trip e.g. say Liverpool-IOM-Dublin-Liverpool.

The cost would be more than a straight return between UK and Ireland but given the local ferry operator would be operating two of the three legs (no Manx pun intended) and that the customers would be an added bonus on top of current travellers to the Island the extra charge should be kept low.


Why the contribution is important

The IOM is en-route between the two big islands. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists sail right by.

Even if we attracted only 5% of those passing travellers to spend two or three days here it would be a significant boost to our tourism income and related tax revenue.

It would also add a new group of passengers for the ferry operator (whoever they may be in future) and therefore increase passenger utilisation figures with the benefits that brings.

Include this option as a requirement witin the tendering process.

by dpfellows on May 11, 2017 at 11:25PM

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