Extend Retirement age of Fire & Rescue personal

I was suprisede on my return to the island as a retained fire fighter/volunteer across to be told that I couldn't apply to be a retained volunter on the IOM as the retirement age is 55 and I was just 55. In the UK as long as you continue to pass fitness tests and training requirements you can work past 60. Firefighters like all skilled emergency bworkers have a lot of money invested in their training etc. why are we retiring those experienced, willing and able to continue members of the IOM FRS

Why the contribution is important

The training and equipment allocation invested along with valuble experience gained is not being fully utilised. Savings could be made be continuing retention of those willing and deemed capable of serving the islands community instead of recruiting more new full time and retained staff 

by DJW on May 12, 2017 at 11:19AM

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