Expenditure of Liverpool Waterfront

The proposal for considerable Government expenditure which I am amazed to see Government even considering at this time, and without any attempt at prior public consultation.  I strongly object to the expenditure of some £20+millions of taxpayers' money to purchase a portion of the Liverpool waterfront. Why? Manx ferry services already have access to the port of Heysham, which now has a much-impoved access to the M6.

If the Manx services are now to be squeezed out of their present central location in Liverpool, there are other alternatives.  (Liverpool is in any event a veritable nightmare to drive into and out of). On the other side of the Mersey sits Birkenhead which possesses more favourable access to the UK's motorway network, and which is served already by the Steam Packet Company vessels.  Anyone actually wishing to access Liverpool from Birkenhead can either drive under the river to that destination or use the passenger ferry for the same purpose. Further south, Holyhead similarly has convenient motorway access. Whatever solution is adopted, I feel that the proposal to spend such an exorbitant sum of money to buy a piece of Liverpool at this time is wholly irresponsible.


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Once the savings have been made there will be sufficient resources in Government coffers to enable Government to cease deducting income tax from the Manx state pension

by SamIOMGov on May 12, 2017 at 02:46PM

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  • Posted by dpfellows May 12, 2017 at 15:46

    To rub salt into the wound Peel Ports originally said that they would pay up to £15 million for the relocation of the Landing Stage.

    The one truly strategic port for the present ferry operator is Heysham as this handles major goods traffic as well as cars and bikes. it is our lifeline. Liverpool is not.

    The move is to facilitate a commercial cruise liner venture at the Pier Head. Why are Isle of Man taxpayers being used to assist in making that happen?
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