Engaging other Sectors and the Public in service planning and delivery

The response to the SAVE request and work recently carried out in the South of the Island in relation to a potential Community Partnership indicates that there is an appetite and willingness to become involved in driving forward services and strategies.

Savings as envisaged need the buy in and ownership of the community if they are to be achieved and we need to build the capacity and resilience of the community in this regard.

The creation of a Community Planning Partnership(CPP), which has been obligatory in Scotland since 2003, is something which the CVO has been suggesting for some time.

The two main aims of a CPP are making sure people and communities are genuinely engaged in the decisions made on public services that affect them allied to a commitment to work together, not apart in developing and providing such services. It is dependent on the commitment and participation of a wide range of public, voluntary, community and private sector bodies.

The third sector has a crucial role to play in advancing this concept which needs to have ownership outside of Government but working closely with it.


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