Energy Efficiency Savings through Benchmarking Government Building Stock

Government needs to Benchmark its own building stock. Through our own assessment and testing here at SNX of Government buildings, both social housing and communal buildings alike, there is a huge amount of energy savings that can be made through some straightforward, cost effective remediation. We could identify the worst culprits through a desktop benchmark programme initially, or could undertake an assessment & remediation programme of the properties the Government identifies as priority. This is how we approached the Department of Education & Children building stock, which was a great success. No other Department has as yet undertaken a large scale appraisal of their building stock, although we did in depth surveys on the Isle of Man Prison for the DHA and four nursing homes for the DHSC together with a walk around assessment at Nobles Hospital by one of our Surveyors. Some startling anomalies were identified in most cases, which once addressed saved the Departments a fortune, way beyond the cost of appraisal and remediation. Interestingly, no further work came from them when so many other properties could have been surveyed and benefitted in the same way. Happy to expand on this. 

Why the contribution is important

All the latest and greatest technologies coming to market will have their respective merits diluted significantly if a fabric first approach as Best Practice is not rigorously enforced first. Unless a building is as air tight and insulated as possible, heating and aircon systems will not work to their optimum and therefore will create unecessary running costs from day one. 

Benchmarking is a simple first strike approach for an authority such as the Isle of man Government that has a finite budget to make savings through building improvment and mechanical upgrades. This discipline can show how efficient a building is running through benchmarking it against a notional CIBSE developed model of similar type and usage, to provide hard data to establish where best to target remediation funding. We can then show across the rest of the benchmarked estate where the biggest savings can be made against the least amount of capital expenditure. 

This is important simply because it gets to the core of Best Practice in understanding that every building is costing more to run than it needs to. Extrpolate this across the entire Government Estate and the savings will be enormous.

by SteveBrownSNX on May 14, 2017 at 02:18PM

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