Energy Efficiency Savings in new build through Air Tightness Testing

Make sure every single individual new house, commercial & communal development on the Isle of Man has an Air Tightness Test undertaken. In the UK, Air Tightness Testing has been mandatory for every single new build property for around 14 years. It is now in legislation here, but Building Control is struggling to enforce a blanket adoption of this practice in a similar way and is only calling for sample testing in some instances. There is absolutely no reason on the Isle of Man, with the small number of houses being built, why every single one should be tested in line with the UK, and not just individual house types. This opens the system up to potential abuse. SNX has already experienced issues with sample houses failing tests that after our help and remediation, then pass on a re-test, but no checks are then made of the rest of the estate, which we know are likely to fail as well. An easy assessment of the problem would be to compare the numbers of Air Test Certificates called for by Building Control against the number of completion certificates issued. 

The impact on energy efficiency from non compliant buildings is enormous and there is no justifiable reason for buildings not to meet the levels called for or have unwarranted energy costs incurred.




Why the contribution is important

The savings achievable from this low cost discipline are immense, and it should be the cornerstone of Building Control Best Practice to ensure every building is compliant and as energy efficient as possible.

There is little point having a requirement for a higher level of Air Leakage integrity than the UK, which the IOM does, if it is not enforced uniformally. Further legislation should not be required to ensure this happens, as the authority already sits with the relevant Government Officers and they simply need the resources and instruction to effect this.

by SteveBrownSNX on May 14, 2017 at 01:59PM

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