Encourage 'End of Life' plans

Encourage all adults when the reach a certain age (65, say) to complete an End of Life plan, so that when the time comes they have more choice over how and where they die.

Why the contribution is important

Most people do not want to die in a hospital, yet most people do.

It is also very expensive to treat people who are close to dying and most of the time the medical interventions do not enhance or extend the patient's life.

So a lot of money is spent not giving people what they don't want. And it's often just because the patient is too ill to be asked. 

If everyone was asked to think about their death, to consider their End of Life options and to write these down then it will help everyone to have a more agreeable death and it will save the NHS a lot of money too.


In La Crosse, Wisconsin everyone is encouraged to think about end of life planning.  It is estimated that 95% of people who have an 'advance directive'.  As a result, not only do most people now get a say in their end of life care but La Crosse spends less on health care for patients at the end of life than any other place in the United States (according to the Dartmouth Health Atlas).

by DocMills on May 15, 2017 at 01:36PM

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