Encorage Manx workers to come home

The £10,000 (max) relocation packages for teachers who relocate to the IoM are currently only available for teachers in the second or third year of their teaching careers.

I know of a number of Manx teachers, some with families, who are currently teaching off-island and who would LOVE to return home to teach but who simply cannot afford to do so.

Could the current recruitment incentives not be altered to encourage these families to return to the IoM and / or could some other type of package be provided for Manx workers currently working away, not just teachers?

Another point to mention is that quite often, people with no previous connection with the IoM are persuaded to come over for work, but then, after a year or two they decide to go back to the UK or elsewhere. The teachers' pension situation is just one contributory factor in this. Others, simply decide the IoM is not for them. Fair enough, but Manx families working away would stay, given the opportunity to return. It seems a waste of money to spend considerable amounts recruiting staff, only to have them disappear a short while later.

Why the contribution is important

There has been a lot of publicity given to persuading millenials, and others who go off-island to study / work, to return. Some of these graduates will be teachers. It makes sense to encourage Manx teachers to gain expeience of the wider world, but then to do everything possible to get them to come home and stay home.

It might also reduce the high turnover of teaching staff in some of the island's schools and provide greater stability for the students.

by NorthernResident on May 14, 2017 at 08:14PM

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