Enable and Support Community Energy Cooperatives

One way the government could start this process and save money is to encourage the use of energy coops ie let someone else pay for infrastructure projects. For instance wey valley solar coop in the uk have solar panels fitted to school buildings. The investors invest in shares of the scheme in £1 units and take a return of the profits currently at about 5 to7 % . The profit comes from sales of electricity from the panels, shared savings the schools enjoy and feed in tariffs. Some of the profits are recycled to do efficiency savings within the school for example led lighting which in turn saves the schools money. The investors gain, the schools gain and the power company has power to sell at a green premium.
I am sure a business model could be worked on the Island however there would need to be a change in the law as currently the MUA have a monopoly to sell power generated, there are also no feed in tariffs. A return of say 3% to investors would still be a lot better than rates available currently for banks.

Why the contribution is important

The MUA would get private investment in energy infrastructure projects

The government would be working towards its emissions targets

Would provide employment in private industry

There would be a tax stream

Reduced costs for schools or other institutions

MUA would have a product they can sell at a premium

The public would be able to contribute and have a return

by xt512 on April 19, 2017 at 02:59AM

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