Educational Standards For Public Office

Why is it that our elected politicians are not required to demonstrate any educational achievements whatsoever before entering public office? Other professionals like nurses in recent years were told that in order to be taken seriously and recognised as a serious profession with better pay, they needed to train to degree level.

Many did (by the way, I am not a nurse). Net result - better educated nurses who remain underpaid and undervalued - comparative to many countries (possibly why the island can't recruit nurses and possibly why bank nurses are always needed at greater expense?

I have to ask, would local politicians in the UK be taken seriously without a degree in politics? Too many of our politicians are educated in the 'University of Life'. They may well have taken more than three years to obtain these 'degrees', but their integrity may be very misleading - especially to older or vulnerable people who may need a lift to the polling station!




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Give the electorate confidence in candidates and existing politicians by insisting they obtain/or are capable of turtiary education - is this not fair when lower paid professionals are expected to do this to justify their pay?

The example set would inspire confidence in the electorate and reduce an overwhelming sense that SAFE has been conceived  by politicians wanting the electorate to do their job for them.

Please vote for me again because I didn't identify or implement any of these money saving ideas, it was you - well perhaps not you but someone else that wasn't me! By the way - I'm thinking of enrolling with the Open University for a degree in politics. I'll let you know if I was accepted after the next election yessir!!.




by brockley on April 05, 2017 at 09:57PM

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  • Posted by thinktank April 06, 2017 at 16:29

    The beauty of politics is that it is open to all.
    I do not hold that one needs a qualification to practice politics or run for office the main qualifications should be honesty and integrity and some common sense wouldn't go amiss. Many go into politics with good intentions but somehow, somewhere along the way they get lost in the reality of the actual act of the politics........
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