Driver training

Currently both the fire service and Bus Vannin and very possibly other government departments employ people with out the required HGV /PPV licence for them to undertake their job. Each respective department then undertakes and pays for each person to train and pass the required licence group. Recently with the fire service each person took 2 tests, one in an automatic truck and then one in a maual gearbox, where if they had simply done a single test with a manual gearbox this would cover them for automatics.

regardless of this, surely it should be an essential requirement of applying for a job that you possess the required licence to undertake it. There is no where in theprivate sector that would employ someone to do a job that they didn't possess the required licence to carry it out.

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There is a clear cost saving here. I can't imagine being given a job to drive,where I didn't actually have a licence to drive the vehicle i'm being employed to use

by Richie571 on April 24, 2017 at 02:51PM

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