Double check if all the MEA loans are legitimate

I am not convinced that all the loans and bonds taken out by the MEA which together make up around £500 million debt, are applicable and the public's responsibility... Some but not all were approved by Tynwald... I would also like to know which were taken out by the MEA or if any 'MEA' loans / bonds were actually taken out by some other company (especially any not approved by Tynwald). This knowledge could help us negotiate refinancing or reduction (or write-off) of loans.

Why the contribution is important

The MEA debt is enormous, around £ 5000 per capita, but much of it was not explicitly approved by Tynwald, i.e. Our accountable representatives. Many companies facing debts taken out by subsidiRies in such circumstances would be looking very hard at them.

by ThurstonArrowsmith on May 14, 2017 at 11:57PM

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