Doctors on permanent or fixed term conracts


Put SGP Doctors onto permanentcontracts of fixed term (mimimum of 2 years). As we spay for thier ongoping training why are we investing in agency staff who can leave at any time? Stop paying accommodation, flights. They are paid enough money to fund thier own lifestyle. They are not on minimum wage. Majority of NHS hospitals in UK are part of the voluntary capped rate and UK Government abolished travel, accomodation costs as expenses in 2016.    


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Why the contribution is important

It would save a vast amount of money.

We need to be utilising this to retain staff who can earn more here. Now there are huge restrictions here. A lot of the registered Doctors want to be here and to stay so why are we still paying agency.  

by GavinIOMGov on May 15, 2017 at 09:48AM

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  • Posted by DragonX May 15, 2017 at 21:00

    The use of nobles' facilities and secretarial staff for private patients of consultants should be fully paid for by the consultants from the fees levied to their patients - it should not be another means of squeezing more money ( in greater profit margin for private services) from the dhsc.
    Also private patients should not be prioritised over non-private lengthening waiting times and costs of managing further delays to treatment including pain management and additional appointments and administration
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