Do Manx Utilities require Druidale Farm

Following the constuction of Sulby reservour in 1985 the then Water Authority found that the raw water quality was being impacted by run off from Druidale farm. Cattle slurrie and agro chemicals where identified as causing unacceptable levels of pollution to the stored water in the reservour.

Remedial action to prevent the problem failed. The WA then purchased Druidale farm and by doing so  were able to implimented changes desigened to prevent the pollutions from occuring.

These restrictions being included as conditions in the lease, requiring the farm tennents to adopt practices that ensured the protection of the drinking water supply.

As it is now some 30 years since the WA purchased Druidale farm and there have been no problems or issues raised should MU now consider selling Druidale farm?

Why the contribution is important

The value of this asset should be released and the monies used to help reduce MU overdraught.

by TJG2017 on May 11, 2017 at 02:32PM

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