Do Away With Census / Electoral Roll

The Gov have all the information needed within the various systems (TAX / NI / Health / Education / Registries) they already have to negate actually having to run a costly exercise such as a Census or the updating of the Electoral Roll.


Join these systems together so that anonymised statistical data can be gleaned and demographics understood.  Deal with the other types of information that the Census captures via sampling (the results will likely be within the statistical accuracy of the census anyways).  Derive the electoral roll automatically from the same data sources. 


Would suggest all statistical data collected be made avaialble as Open Data so 3rd parties / academics have access.


Why the contribution is important

  • Costs once systems are in place will be minimal (no large scale exercises such as Cencus / Interim Cencus)
  • Much more timely and accurate information available to policy makers - this in itself could potentially save many millions
  • Ability to garner more questions more frequently (via sampling) will allow for better decision making and to test public opinon
  • Statistical Data being made avaialble to 3rd parties allows for Gov to held to account (to an extent)

by JonesIOM on April 06, 2017 at 10:19AM

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