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DHSC gives out stats about the number of people who don't turn up to medical appts and the cost of this, there is of course also the opportunity cost to consider.

I have a family history of breast cancer and due to this I am on a screening program whereby each year I have a mammogram and an appt with the consultant at Nobles. 

I have been in the system for around four years now, happily with no health problems. 

Each year after the process is over I receive a letter from Nobles with an appt for the following year, 12 months in advance. So in Sept 2016, I received a letter for an appt in Sept 2017. 

The letter is attached to my fridge for 12 months.

In my opinion, this is nonsense, a system to suit the administrators at the hospital. Three months is more than sufficient notice. They can book me in twelve months in advance but I don't need to know about it until much nearer the time. It's hardly surprising that people forget that they have an appt and don't turn up.

Appts should be notified in a reasonable time frame, followed up ideally by  a reminder system in place, provided you sign up for it?

I guess it's a similar situation with the salaried dentists, having to book an appt 6 months in advance. 

Also, it's clear that standard letter templates are used for letters from the hospital. I received a one which was moving an appt from 2:30 to 4:00 on the same day and it was really unclear that that's all that was happening as the letter spoke about my appt being cancelled. I'm really not surprised that people miss appts as the correspondence is confusing.


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Hopefully, two no-cost solutions of clearer and appropriate communication, can save wasted resources.


by MelindaIOMGov on May 15, 2017 at 11:49AM

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  • Posted by Manxcat May 15, 2017 at 11:58

    The same issue but from the complete opposite applies to surgery appointments: you are on a waiting list, for many months, with no idea when you are likely to come up - maybe told originally waiting list is 6 months or whatever, which comes and goes - then suddenly the letter comes, in next Thurs for pre-op and the operation a week or two later, with no chance to plan, no chance for your employer to make arrangements to cover for your absence (which could be many weeks or even months, and while waiting no chance to plan your own life around it, e.g holidaysif you are fit enough to enjoy them.
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