DED grants - streamline processes and trust staff to make decisions

In many areas administrative staff make decisions on various matters based on set criteria. Senior management should trust staff to make those decisions according to those criteria and not review all decisions "just in case". It is a waste of time of highly paid senior staff - across government there should be a pragmatic approach and an acceptance that some decisions will be wrong - approving grants should be a prime target for streamlining the process with an aim to reduce turnaround time and get funds flowing to fledgling businesses with the minimum of delay.

the public and government also MUST accept that a certain percentage of new businesses will fail and there is nothing they can do about it - you must speculate to accumulate and get grassroots businesses up and running as quickly as possible, especially in tech areas where the window of opportunity for new, innovative, ideas is very short.

Why the contribution is important

Apart from saving on senior staff time, and satisfying the needs of the new businesses, this may not save money but it will certainly help to grow the economy in general terms, for example tax take, increased employment and expenditure of subsequently earned income into the economy 

by DragonX on April 22, 2017 at 07:12PM

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