Decriminalise drug use for adults

Although drug usage and dependancy is not something to be encouraged, the question of the efficacy of using the criminal justice system to deter users must be examined. If someone commits crime while under the influenec then their drug use should not be considered a mitigating factor, and neither should it be an excuse if they were committin crime to finance their drug hobby. But if they are growing a bit of weed in their own home for their own use then why should the state get involved?

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Investigating, arresting, prosecuting, custody and parole cost the taxpayers money. If someone has a drug dependancy then let them seek help through social services when they want it. I understand the prison is not the place to send drug users to if we expect them to not take drugs during their sentence.

by OldSailor on April 10, 2017 at 10:50PM

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  • Posted by Anne April 11, 2017 at 09:48

    The manipulation of the health service by those running our demon ocracy outrages, no joined up thinking at all.
    eg: 82 year old lady worked all her adult life was ignored by the macular eye treatment clinic for her 10 am appointment, a very tolerant lady, so tolerant a lady she could be a resurrection of the holy mother (just so you get my drift on toleration levels)
    It was when the 'staff' (not a nursing/caring bone in their bodies) were getting their coats on at 4pm that my Mother spoke up and asked, 'what the hell is going on!!!' She was then seen. Outrageous

    It is only the fact that she is retired otherwise they would be keeping a tax payer out of work so no wonder we are skint, get less people relying on the 3rd rate health service by legalising/decriminalising cannabis, I have relied on it for 40 approx years and I am un-dead so injured and neglected from age 11 by the demon ocracy but still 'living' to tell the tale due to will power & cannabis.
  • Posted by Bill April 12, 2017 at 19:19

    It is only a matter of time before the UK government follows many US states and various countries that have decriminalised drugs use. Abuse of drugs should be treated as a health matter, not a criminal matter. The current approach is out dated and serves no one.
    I would urge the powers that be to look at the states in the USA that have decriminalised drugs use. Also countries such as Portugal.
    They have managed to turn a deficit into a profit in a short space of time. The extra cash is usually invested in services such as health and education
    Sadly seriously doubt that there is a single politician who would be willing to take this on, even to investigate it. They are too afraid of rocking the boat and 'loosing' votes. Whereas places that have had the courage to adopt this approach have never regretted it. They also seem perfectly capable of spending the newly found Income stream. My understanding is that if we were to go down this route we could actually wipe out our deficit.
    Would the U.K. Stand for it, or would we have to wait until thy do it? How independent are we?
    Come on Tynwald, let's be early adopters and get our finances back on course.
  • Posted by Manneen May 11, 2017 at 11:17

    Lets legalise prostitution as well ! Really, we have to decide what sort of society we want. There are reasons for rules- they are there for our own protection. Also the protection of the weaker members of society who could be bullied or coerced.
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