Creation of an IOM international recruitment agency

To create an international recruitment agency based within DHSC responsible for recruitment activities within the UK but more importantly for staff qualified within the European Union. This would involve direct recruitment and interview with targeted countries rather than the much more general adverts we currently employ. This mirrors a process successfully undertaken at Preston Hospital in Italy over the past few years.

By using existing health care staff expertise we will be able to ensure quality of applicants to a much greater extent than those presented by employment agencies, whose interest is in making money rather than quality.

There are large numbers of unemployed nurses, as well as under employed (limited hours contracts) and temporarily employed nurses in southern Europe. By offering permanent, full time and well paid contracts we may be able to develop a permanent workforce capable of replacing existing vacancies and agency staff.

Once undertaken successfully for nursing staff, this approach could also be used to recruit staff from other healthcare professions.

Why the contribution is important

I have produced several reports on the feasibility of this process and am happy to share them should this idea be of further interest.

One of the single largest expenses for DHSC is the agency staffing budget. This is therefore an issue needing further consideration. The temporary and under used nature of nursing workforces in southern Europe mean permanent full time contracts are attractive, having a significant benefit for their working lives. By recruiting permanent staff we can reduce this bill significantly and also create a more stable and dedicated workforce. Issues of discrepancies surrounding pay differentials will also be removed, which is positive for staff morale. 

DHSC IOM has traditionally competed only in UK and Eire for staff; staff in these regions are at an all-time premium due to significant staffing shortages. Numbers of university nursing student applications are down significantly. Our shortfall in permanent staff are not going to be met by these markets, and the shortage situation is likely to become much worse over time. This means that we need to change from our traditional approach to recruitment to recognise the IOM as an international destination and recruit accordingly. Significant numbers of nursing staff exist elsewhere in Europe, so we should exploit this situation by offering this workforce employment on IOM.


by mhaith on May 04, 2017 at 12:33PM

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