Courses for Government Staff

Stop inadequate Government Managers sending their staff on irrelevant off- Island courses. many of which appear to be nothing more than jollies. There should be great scrutiny of what is being offered and what benefit it will give; All this before authorisation is given. Will the Department. co-workers or chiefly the taxpayer gain from the expenditure? I am not referring to upgrading necessary professional qualifications but to one or two days away from the desk. Sometimes the course attendees return with whacky ideas which the above mentioned Managers try to implement.

It has emerged that millions of pounds of Government money is expended in this area. Everyone knows how much it even costs to set foot off the Island. I conclude that in many cases the only winners are those running and charging for the courses.

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Think that the whole concept of courses should be looked at as a Government policy in view of the costs involved.

by bencreeney on May 14, 2017 at 06:38PM

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