Coroners remuneration

Coroners receive a salary, travel allowance of 10000 miles, office and telephone allowance. Depending on which judgments they execute, additional payments are received, including a percentage on the amount of the debt rcovered. 

There also appears to be considerable numbers of judgement debts outstanding to be recovered.

coroners act on behalf of the public who have a judgement for a debt, if they can select which debts they chase on the basis of commission, this means that smaller, but nevertheless, important amounts are not collected and the public are left without repayment and are disenfranchised with the process.

Coroners could be managed centrally, salaried, not incentivised, to collect debts and the individual payments for varying elements of execution centrally handled.

Why the contribution is important

Improve debt collection for the members of the public who have gone to the trouble of making a claim

Streamline the entire process and cut costs in the administration of the claims by and payments to coroners.

Debt collections certainly should not be incentivised by a 'bonus' payment on value.

by DragonX on April 22, 2017 at 10:49PM

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  • Posted by katewatson April 27, 2017 at 21:39

    By employing Coroners and Lockmen directly, as opposed to the current arrangement, you give them all the same rights as other public sector employees - pension, sick pay, holiday pay, etc. It would cost way more than the current arrangement.
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