Copy the 'Cattle Country' idea in Gloucestershire

'Our Future' is in the Health of our children. "Cattle Country" is low maintaince All yr round Fun. Families that play together - stay together, fact.  So there's a huge cost saving straight away. Could be open 7 days a wk. All weather facility and perhaps based at the Wild Life Park, to boost the Park and for car parking space.  Would be funded by private Investors/Depositors and or crowdfunding. Earns money every day with low overheads and providing employment. Could also have the usual obligitory souvenier/coffee shop attached. Repeat business over and over again.  Providing something different and somewhere to go, keeping our children off the streets and out of bad behaviour.


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Obesity is now a very serious ticking time bomb. We need to get children off there devices, phones and apps, etc., and into excersise very soon or, make no mistake the NHS will collapse.  Cattle Country provides this excersise and makes money and saves lives.  All ages love it and there has not been anything really new on the Island for ages, has there, except for more junk food outlets? Investors and Depositors would not be a problem once they see the great potential in Cattle Country. The nations health is our wealth and that is why my idea is so very important. A Dutch Barn type building is all that is required. The weather does not matter so it would be a safe, great addition to the Islands leisure infrastructure where repeat business is guaranteed. I did sow the seeds of our film industry and this is the next new one.

by mspenser on May 07, 2017 at 06:13PM

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