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For the Government to look at procuring local consultancy services before engaging those outside of the Island. To ensure the procurement is not specifically written to exclude local sources and have a set limit with flexibility (under extreme circumstance) to allow a further pre set amount to be utilised for consultancy.

Why the contribution is important

If the Government sources local consultants as a primary source, this has the potential to save thousands, tens of thousands and quite possibly more.

Look at how much was spent on the promenade horse trams when all the Government had to do was simply ask the public what do they want, then simply abide by the will of the people. Not ask the people and then do what the Government feels is right and spend literally thousands of money it didn't need to.... stop running online consultations and not acting upon them by the content. How do you expect to engage the public if you simply pay them lip service.

The Governments actions are being observed not only by the older generation but that of the younger - how can any government expect to keep the next generation of skilled and white collar workers if these are the actions they witness. No matter what they are offered, they are unlikely to return when they see what is on offer outside of the Island, but if they do, they are not considered, consultants are sought through various 3rd party providers who are non-geographical.

Put your Island first!

by MBR on April 05, 2017 at 10:21PM

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  • Posted by Manxcat April 06, 2017 at 08:00

    Yes, but use of consultants should be minimised, they are used too readily at the moment, when expertise is available within Gov't but managers wanting either not trusting, or wanting to hide behind an external consultant to avoid criticism of unpopular decisions.
  • Posted by MichelleH May 10, 2017 at 07:58

    My view is that the use of external consultants is a way of deflecting responsibility from the civil servants. Perhaps it would be better to change the culture within the senior management in each department so that the civil servants who know the situation they are facing better than anyone else are empowered to make a decision without resorting to a consultant's report to justify their recommendations?
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