Consolidation of Government At All Levels

At its most extreme do we need more than on authority handling so-called 'local government' issues? Do we need two chambers handling national level issues when Iceland, New Zealand and a number of highly effective Scandinavian countries manage with one chamber?

As a mid-way point serious considertion should be given to dramatically improvimg the effectiveness of both local and national government in a slightly less extreme manner. A recommended structure is:

1.   Consolidate local authorities into 4 geographic regions - North, South, East and West,

2.   Focus the role of the Keys clearly on national issues and leave the parish pump issues to the consolidated local authorities

3.   Hold a referendum to ask residents whether or not they want to retain the LegCo - it would then put pressure on the LegCo and its supporters to argue the case for retention in a convincing manner,

The consolidation of local authorities should, if managed properly, significantly increase effectiveness and productivity. Services can be shared, administration can be streamlined, duplication rduced and a number of tasks under central government control delegated (along with the budget)

Why the contribution is important

I have no idea how much this could save but suggest that it could be significant as one would be making both local and central government savings that need quantifying. The focusing of central government on national issues must be a benefit for the growth of the Island and a consolidated local government could allow devolution of issues from central public service to where the services happen.

Some thought could also be given as to reorgnising electorates so that there were four national electorates to balance the four local government areas - which would be a more effective relationship.

by dpfellows on April 05, 2017 at 05:38PM

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