Clinical supervision network for DHSC staff

To create a network of clinical supervisors across DHSC. This has three functions:

1. as a means of ensuring best practice is taking place

2. cascading best practice

3. allowing staff to express their anxiety resulting from undertaking a stressful job.

Why the contribution is important

Clinical supervision is the most effective means of engaging the workforce in its own development, ensuring it is practicing safely (therefore vital for inspection by external governing bodies), and to prevent staff from taking unnecessary time off due to stress.

A clinical supervision network could be formed from existing staff as part of a leadership role. The benefits in staff performance make the outlay of time for supervision processes entirely worthwhile. A new 5 day practical training module is currently under development through Keyll Darree Education Centre and is due to be piloted through mental health services. 

A clinical supervision network is a vital component of a well-functioning DHSC. This will be an example of excellence in practice for our organisation. It is an attractive feature for any professionals wanting to join IOM DHSC so will be useful addition when looking to recruit new staff from the UK/abroad. 


by mhaith on May 04, 2017 at 01:10PM

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  • Posted by Hopsandmalt May 08, 2017 at 22:26

    I would go further. A fully independent HR evaluator sent from eg google to assess each individual employees performance against agreed independent commercial standards. Not paid from DHSC, as that would already set the outcome and would be a waste of time. Making sure everyone is worth their salt in the major step to improve productivity and prevent mistakes. Their is way to many vested interests in mainting certain staff and the status quo of failures. Investigate - Calculate - Eradicate - ICE. A new acronym for DHSC, they love them.
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