Child Allowance

Child allowance for the first 2 children only.


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Why the contribution is important

This will save money being squandered.

by SamIOMGov on May 15, 2017 at 02:52PM

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  • Posted by madeleine May 15, 2017 at 22:44

    Short term view. Let's think, the Isle of Man has just had the lowest number of births in 2016, below 800 births. Why does this matter? Because these are the future tax payers in twenty years time, also the future nurses, teachers, dustmen, policemen, people to look after us in our old age. etc. Why does Child benefit matter ? Because bringing up children is very expensive, not simply the cost of feeding and clothing and educating and ...but because one parent, usually the mother will stop working for a short, medium or long time to raise the child/children until they are up to 7 years old and entering Junior school. So mothers with young children typically make a huge sacrifice to bring children to an age when they can safely be left at school and even then many mothers go back only part time or term time only because of the exorbitant cost of out of school and pre-school child care. So the mothers principally forfeit a huge part of their life time earnings to raise children . (I apologise to all the men raising children equally or singularly). Why don't the grandparents step in so the mothers can go back to work full time? Because those grandparents and woman again now must keep working till they are 66 themselves. And then half of all 'partnerships' break down (is it surprising) leaving one parent to bear all the cost themselves in terms of lost working opportunities,depleted life time earnings and often relying heavily on the child benefit to help make ends meet. We need children, they are a very good deal. They cost the Government more in the lost female employment than anything else, child benefit is simply a little 'gift' from the community to the mother's thanking them for having the child and making a tiny contribution to that child's upbringing. Society must value our children and their mother's more, so that we have future generations.
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