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At present, small companies are discouraged from applying for government tenders, since the amount of paperwork is massive. At present, if you want to tender to provide products or services to the government you have to provide pages of information on your company every time, before you are then short listed to be able to actually provide a specific quote for the product or service. This means that small companies, which may be able to provide the service or product cheaper are disadvantaged and are not even allowed to quote for the service or product, since they don't make the final shortlist based on their company profile.

Maybe all companies on the Island can register their company details just once if they want to tender for goverment contracts (rather then every time - This could be refreshed every 2 years) and that they are all given the opportunity to provide a full quote rather than just those that are shortlisted. This may streamline the process and get the best price for the government. Registered companies can be emailed en-mass based on the services/products that they have registered as offering, which reducing advertising and speeds up the process.

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Less time spent on obtaining tenders. Better prices for the government.

by PaulC on May 04, 2017 at 09:17PM

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  • Posted by Buster May 06, 2017 at 22:23

    The amount of paperwork is not massive. The Company must have in place a H&S Policy document regardless of government work.
    It would cost 2k for one to be drafted, and the person who drafted could be retained to advise the company.
    I do agree that a company should not have to demonstrate their ability etc every time they tender.
    I would say that all companies request to be included on a select tender list should be carried out annually.
    Then reviewed each year, after seeking feedback from Depts who had used the company in the year previous.
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